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The Dark Side of Cosplay

Feature: Let's play dress-ups!

Cosplay, if anything, is great for keeping us entertained in those afternoons when we should really be writing about how many PSP's Sony sold in Japan last week, but instead are pointing at a bloke dressed as Mario's mangina. Not everyone, however, does cosplay right. These are the people that entertain us the most.

It's been a difficult job, but we've trekked the internet all afternoon searching for the most awful, embarrassing and disturbing videogame cosplayers who have every been caught on camera - and then stuck them in this article to successfully earn our wages.

Here they are then. Don't ever say videogame journalism is a job worth envying.

The culprits...

Almost life-size.

Wii-mote Man's older, unemployed brother.

Bless him, he's shy.

At least she didn't go as a Final Fantasy character...

And the whistle goes...

Either very good or VERY wrong.

It looked good before the rain started, promise.

Mega Man-gina!


Never look at her the same way again...


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