First shots of footy MMO

And renders of women in football kits

Football Superstars mixes massively multiplayer online gameplay with football to give you a more complete football career simulation on PC - in interesting concept, and we've got the first shots.

You take control of a single footballer in online games where every player is controlled by another human being. As well as playing in 3, 5, 7, and 11-a-side football matches, you also take your player off the pitch and out into the open world, where you'll need to pursue success by interacting with managers in efforts to get signed up to the next big team.

"The player will exist in a persistent football-themed world and be able to join or form their own teams and manage their careers whilst engaging in various leagues," explains developer CyberSports.


As well as renders of the footballers in the game, the first screenshots below are of some of the open worlds you'll be exploring as you progress in your career as a footballer.

It's an ambitious one, could MMOs be the future of footy managerial games? Spring 2008 is when we'll all find out.