FIFA tops PES again?

FIFA seems to have won this year's footy game battle, as it tops 1 million copies sold

Last year it was pretty much neck and neck in the FIFA-PES footy battle, but this year things look a lot more clean-cut as FIFA 08 officially clears 1 million units sold, while PES PS3 suffers serious issues.

EA sent word of the 1 million milestone this morning, which it claims makes FIFA 08 "the first video game this year to sell a million units at retail," though we're not sure whether we believe them or not.

Pro Evolution Soccer creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka meanwhile has said he's taking Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 "back to the drawing board" following the heavy criticism of the 2008 edition on PlayStation 3.

"It's so far from what we wanted", he said of PES 2008 on PS3 in an interview with PSM3 magazine. "In fact," he continued, "we thought about delaying it but different factors meant we had to [release it]".

Major complaints of the PS3 version include random crashes and sluggish framerate issues.

Regardless of the PS3 version's hiccups, reception from both fans and critics seems to give the edge to this year's PES.

Read our reviews of both FIFA and PES 2008 and decide for yourself.