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Article: Year's best features all under one roof

Where would we be without a good old-fashioned gaming feature, or 'rant' as some like to call them? When done right (or wrong) they can be a great catalyst for discussions, arguments and even riots on special occasions. The internet loves to have its say.

There's no formula to coming up with good feature ideas. Sometimes they just hit you, mainly after a skin-full down the pub. Some you think are winners and no one gives shit. Other times you crank up the generic feature machine and strike gold. If it was a science, there'd be no such thing as a bad thing.

Here's a quick list of some of our favourites from the past 12 months that you may have missed for one reason or another.


Gaming's Greatest Guns
Yes, it's the best guns ever!(!!11!) We've compiled what we'd like to think is the definitive list of virtual boomsticks, covering some of our favourite shooters of the last ten years and inspiring more than a smidgen of nostalgia.

Simply put, if you were tooled-up with these bad boys not even Megatron or the old bloke from Kill Bill could stop you from tearing up the streets. So without further ado, here are CVG's favourite toys...

The world's biggest guns are here.


The History of Metroid
The Metroid series has always been a victim of bad timing. It's one of the most critically acclaimed franchises in gaming, but thanks to dodgy release dates, internal politics and Nintendo's own disbelief in the franchise it's never quite rivalled the mighty Mario and Zelda series. Wrong place, wrong time?

Find out how it all began here.


The Bungie Story
With a team of hundreds working on it, a marketing budget of millions and a fanbase as fanatical, informed and excitable as anything the best TV shows like Lost can throw up, Halo is perhaps - in fact, definitely - the most important videogame franchise currently in existence. But it hasn't always been this way.

Life before Halo here.


The Most Delayed Games Ever
How long does it take to make a game? How long's a piece of string? There's obviously no simple answer because every new hardware generation brings greater expectations and puts more demands on developers. However, most would agree that a decade to make a game is a bit excessive.

Your patience and frustration tested here.


7 games saved by GTA IV delay
If you can overlook the fact that we might not being playing it for another few months, there's plenty of good news behind Rockstar's shocker GTA IV delay.

For one, it's (hopefully) guaranteed to be a more polished and complete product by the time it's out for release. Secondly you now have a chance to enjoy all these Christmas releases, which might've previously been lost in the GTA carnage...

Two weeks isn't slippage.

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