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2007: The Year in Headlines

Article: 12 months in a nutshell

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A cut version of the game has since seen release in the US but the UK version is still stuck in appeal limbo. The last we heard Rockstar had "no update" on the status of the UK version.

Peter Moore leaves Xbox
When: July 17

If anyone said they saw this one coming, they're big, dirty liars; Peter Moore's was another big name departure from a platform holder. Since its reveal back in 2005 Moore has been known as the face of Xbox, which is why when he came out of the blue to announce his departure from Microsoft it was all the more shocking.

The move was put down to Peter's need to move back to his original family home of California, where he's now the president of the EA Sports label. The scouser's salary details were famously revealed to be $550k plus $22 million in EA shares. Oh yeah, he gets a massive bonus as well.

With Activision Blizzard taking over EA's position as the industry big boy, big Pete's certainly got a tougher job ahead of him maintaining its dominance. At least FIFA looks to be safe on top for another year.


GTA IV slips to 2008
When: August 2

An easy contender for the most unexpected news of year, Take-Two announced in August that GTA IV, originally due in October (and tattooed on Peter Moore to make the point), will now not be released until the publisher's fiscal 2008 Q2, ending April 2008.

Reasons for the delay were put down to nothing more than it needing extra development time. Take-Two didn't really elaborate on the delay other than saying it's "due to additional development time required to complete the title." And to think Peter Moore banged on about having it this side of Christmas, not that he's really going to care anymore.

Speculation pointed to troublesome development of PS3 version being the reason behind the delay, but then it always does.

It's taken until now, nearly four months later, for GTA IV to resurface. Hopefully we'll get a new release date before the end of April. Unless more slippage is announced.

Bungie and MS split
When: October 5

A story not quite so shocking as its headline, Bungie 'split' from Microsoft Game Studios just weeks after the release of its mammoth shooter Halo 3 - the biggest Xbox game to date.

No one would ever expect Microsoft to let its biggest asset twaddle off into the sunset and expectedly Bungie doesn't look to be quite as independent from Microsoft as first made out. For starters, Halo is still under Microsoft's thumb.

Microsoft retains an "equity interest" in Bungie, at the same time continuing its publishing agreement for the now Microsoft-owned Halo IP as well as other future properties developed by Bungie. Basically, Bungie keeps making Xbox games - just not necessarily the same one Microsoft wants it to make.

It's win-win then. The studio's new found freedom will almost definitely lead to a new non-Halo franchise cropping up soon - and seeming as Microsoft still has a stake in the developer we doubt Bungie will be working on PS3 or Wii anytime soon.


EA buys BioWare Pandemic
When: October 12

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