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PS3 Blu-ray upgrade expected this month

'Profile 1.1' update to bring flashy new features to PS3 Blu-ray player

Sony expects to have an update for PS3 later this month that will add support for the next generation of Blu-ray playback features.

'Profile 1.1' is the newfangled name given to a new standard of Blu-ray playback which allows for a range of new features. These include picture-in-picture playback (so you could have a director talking in one window with the film running in another), support for downloadable content and much more.

Sony's latest (and more expensive) Blu-ray players already support Profile 1.1 features, and according to a Sony rep, speaking at recent press conference, the PS3 is likely to receive a firmware update that will add Profile 1.1 support later this month, reports The Digital Bits.

So there's STILL no reason to buy a dedicated Blu-ray player over PS3.