GTA IV: Move over, ladies

Third GTA trailer inside with some brand new screens

The third GTA IV trailer is good to go and you can see the latest from Rockstar right here.

We had the trailer sitting on our desktops for most of yesterday, we just needed Rockstar to send out the password so we could open it. At around 8pm last night it all went to plan.

While the rest of us were in the pub seeing off the PC Zone editor, CVG Stu was stuck on a delayed train carrying the file home on a flash drive. Would he make it home in time to get the password and put his kid to bed? It was almost exciting, like something out of the movies.


The arrival of the latest video ends a long silence following the game's unexpected slip from October to 2008.

We've still not got a proper release date from the bods at Rockstar, but we're hopeful it'll be out before the end of April (if it doesn't get delayed again).

Our eyes-on impressions from the first hour of GTA IV were posted in July. Let's hope it doesn't loose any of it's wow power by the time it gets to the shops.

If moving pictures aren't your thing you can check out the latest batch of screenshots - and don't forget to look at the boxart as well, it's quite lovely.

For those new to planet Earth, you can catch up by watching the first trailer here, and the second trailer here.