MMO The Day using Crysis tech

Korean developer Reloaded Studios offers first details on its debut project

Crytek's CryEngine 2 - which powers a little game known as Crysis - is to from the beating heart of Korean MMO The Day.

Now, this may ring a few bells as the MMO's developer, Reloaded Studios, announced it was using Crytek's technology for an MMO game back in September. But now we have first proper details.

The Day is some way off - it's targeted for release in 2010 - but first info reveals it's a third-person action MMO for PC. Knowing that, it's not surprising that PvP will be a major focus of the title.

According to Reloaded, the game will feature a unique, immersive story that's set in the near future.

"The Day", the developer continues, "finds mankind discovering a way to travel between two connected parallel worlds".

"Players will face a changing world never before seen in an online game as they travel back and forth between the past and present, accomplishing critical missions that extremely influence and affect their present-day world. With the fate of mankind at stake, players are thrown into brutal warfare and a fight to keep humanity from slipping into self-destruction across time."

Naturally with CryEngine 2 powering it, we're eager to see first screenshots from The Day. And by 2010, we may have actually saved up enough money to buy a PC that'll run the game.