Nintendo clears up Q2 '08 schedule

Could Smash Bros. come out before July after all?

Yesterday's Nintendo 2008 release schedule had us both jumping for joy (Mario Kart on track) and down in the dumps (no sign of Smash Bros), but despite confirming otherwise to CVG yesterday, is seems Smash Bros may still make a pre-summer release.

Nintendo told us that the omission of Smash Bros in the schedule does not confirm the game's delay, and yesterdays confirmation otherwise was simply a mistake.

"The Nintendo 1st & 3rd party Software lineup release schedule which was distributed by Nintendo on Thursday 6th December confirmed launch dates for Nintendo titles launching in Q1 2008," Nintendo told us.

"Nintendo also included some titles which were fixed for release beyond Q1 2008 such as Mario Kart Wii. All Nintendo software titles launching in Q2 2008 have not been finalised or confirmed to date."

So Mario Kart's still a goer (phew), but that means the Smash Bros. release is still very much up in the air.

"Nintendo will communicate on all software titles launching in Q2 2008 for Wii and Nintendo DS at a later date."