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GTA IV Trailer - Move Up, Ladies

How was it for you? Screen-by-screen analysis

Seen the new GTAIV trailer? It's only a few clicks away on this site, but if so, it's worth reflecting on some key scenes for hidden details and implications. Overall, mind, there's little here we haven't seen before - the trailer is largely a statement of intent, and an arm around doubters who thought it'd taken a bizarre new direction: GTA is still about 'urban fantasy' - shooting, racing and blowing things up as spectacularly as possible. Did you expect something else? That's another debate, but for now click for some interesting screenshots...

Pop your eyes to the right and we've captured the trailer's more interesting moments, with some details you may, or may not, have missed. Maybe you can tell *us* what's going in some of the more nuanced moments.

What do you think? Is GTAIV shaping up like everything you expected? Or - like certain corners of the internet - are you slightly more sceptical?

Our take - all bets are off until we go hands-on, but let's be honest, they're hardly likely to get this wrong. Are they?

Have a great weekend