Frontlines Beta Giveaway

Code, keys and carnage - yours for free inside!

Welcome to CVG's great Frontlines: Fuels of War beta giveaway. Tucked snugly inside this here story you'll find both code and beta keys, basically everything you need to start playing the beta of Kaos Studios intriguing new futuristic shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War. Consider it our little Christmas present to you.

To apply for a beta key, simply click here to get the personal code you'll need to activate the game. (You just need to to be a registered CVG user and you can register by simply clicking here)


Once you've got your beta key, just hit the link on the popup to start downloading the beta code. Once downloaded, you should have a 1.76 Gig .exe file sitting proudly on your PC. VERY IMPORTANT! Please ensure the file size matches or try downloading again perhaps using a download manager. Once you have the full file, click on the exe and follow the on-screen instructions to install in the normal way.

For those of you unfamiliar with Frontlines, it's a futuristic FPS crafted by Kaos Studios, the team behind acclaimed Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat. Powered by the excellent Unreal Engine 3, Frontlines is set in a frighteningly real near-future where the battle for ever dwindling energy resources has seen the world erupt into a second dark age of conflict.

China and Russia have teamed up to form the Red Star Alliance who face off against the Western Coalition of the US and Europe and it's multiplayer war on all fronts in the year 2024. And that's all the excuse you need to enjoy huge levels of multiplayer carnage, featuring a unique frontline mechanic which keeps the action tight and focussed as infantry, tanks, fighting vehicles and drones, remote-controlled combat units which just might represent the future of warfare.

If you'd like to know more, be sure to check out our exclusive beta interview with Senior Producer Joe Halper from Kaos Studios, who's put together an extensive Q&A on the beta and what you can expect to find there, plus some handy hints and tactics you'll need to survive on the frontline.

Once you've had a chance to play, head on over to our Frontlines beta forum, where you can chat with fellow players and where Kaos Studios' own Community Manager Mitch Gross will be available tonight to have a natter about the game and help you out with any issues.

We've also scattered a few bonus shots around for you to enjoy, so report for duty now soldier, we'll see you on the Frontline.