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PS3 to catch Wii... by 2011

And Xbox 360 to be lagging behind significantly, according to the bean counters (analysts)

Sony's PS3 might be struggling to out-punch rivals Wii and Xbox 360 on shop shelves currently, but the next four years will see it biting Wii's heels.


A Screen Digest analysis of console trends has the ridiculously popular Wii out top by 2011 with around 75 million units worldwide, but it puts PS3 in a very, very close second place.

Xbox 360 by the same year, meanwhile, will have a 40 million worldwide unit penetration, leaving it looking longingly at rivals.

Wii is proving so popular this Christmas that Nintendo has reportedly been moved to pull adverts for the console and will replace them with ones for DS instead.

We'll see you back here in 2010 then to see who's right.

Image taken from The Economist.