Korean rips off Final Fantasy, gets sued

Korean music video steals from Final Fantasy VII, Square summons black helicopters

A Korean music video company has been forced to pay up a total of $23,900 (approx. £11,700) for making a music video that looked too much like Final Fantasy VII.

The video, starring Korean singer Ivy (who's fit as you like, by the way), parodies Final Fantasy VII with a fight in a church scene fans of the game will recognise.

Understandably, Square Enix cast level 100 lawyer magic on the video maker Fantom Entertainment, for half-inching their IP.

Fantom was fined $10,900 after the Seoul Central District Court judge Gu Hoe-geun ruled that they had "illegally used 80 percent of the storyline, setting, characters and their styles of dress and their demeanours from video game Final Fantasy VII."

The company director was fined a further $6,500, as was the video producer, who said he "wanted to contact Square Enix to get permission, but couldn't find their contact info," reports Kotaku. He'll know better next time.

You can view the offending video right here, which you should then follow up with further searches for Ivy videos for additional perving.