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Gran Turismo 5

Here's the real reason you bought a PlayStation 3

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Loads of racing games have used the power of the current super-consoles to get all the shapes right in their cars. But the real difference in GT5 is the way these cars are lit. Fire up GT HD right now and watch a replay. See how flat the lighting is?

Since it put out that demo, Sony has upped the shine levels and enhanced the sunlight blooming effect. Nothing is overdone - so they're not wax-covered mirrors - but scenery reflects subtly and realistically off the polished paintwork, and the glare of the sun creates a blooming effect that you see a little of as you go through the GT HD demo's tunnel.

The game could look even better when it finally arrives in 2008. You've got the taster package - GT5 Prologue - to come. This will have a hefty 50 cars and choice of five tracks. It'll also have 16-player online to race against which should be incredible, but we hear Sony is having problems getting that to work in UK, but we're sure they'll have it ironed out in time for release.

We've already got our best racing wheels clamped to the table and braking points on the brain, because GT5 can't arrive a second too soon. We'll see you on the starting grid.

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