PS3 2.10 upgrades Blu-Ray tomorrow

Plus DivX and online voice changers

Sony will release new a PS3 firmware update tomorrow that will enhance the PS3's Blu-Ray movie playback, and add that anticipated AVI support we've all wanted.

Firmware version 2.10 will add 'Profile 1.1' Blu-Ray playback, which is the technical name for a new standard of Blu-Ray films that support new features such as picture-in-picture playback.

DivX support will also be added, along with VC-1 (wmv) video support, so you can finally watch all those perfectly legal videos on your PC through PS3.

Sony's also adding an option to change your voice online. Long-time xbox Live fans will remember Voice Masking on Xbox, which was removed when whiny kids doing constant impressions of Arnie with a robot voice got too much to bare.

Okay, so there's no in-game XMB. But one NeoGAF user points out, "DivX = porn. Porn = win."

True fact.