Frontlines: Fuel of War beta

Full info and handy hints and tactics for today's great beta giveaway

As you probably know, today we're giving away both code and keys for Kaos Studios' intriguing new futuristic fps, Frontlines: Fuel of War. Made by the creators of the excellent Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat, Frontlines is set in the year 2024 and sees China and Russia ally against the US and Europe in an epic near future war over ever-dwindling energy resources.

So don't forget to tune in to CVG tonight at 8pm to grab your free multiplayer beta code and key!

It's a splendidly realised scenario with an extensive and extremely realistic back story, but really that's all just an excuse for massive levels of multiplayer carnage, featuring infantry, tanks, fighting vehicles and state of the art drones, and of course you'll have your chance to sample it for free on CVG tonight at 8pm GMT (just keep an eye as that top box as the time ticks down).

Joe Halper - Frontlines' Senior Producer

But no soldier should head to the front without some basic training and here to put you through a crash assault course is Joe Halper, Senior Producer for Kaos Studios who bravely faced the CVG question salvo to bring you the lowdown on what you can expect from the beta, how it'll shape the eventual game and some survival tips and tactics for your first day on the front.

So without further ado it's over to you Joe, but don't forget to report for duty at 8pm tonight when the Frontlines beta giveaway commences.

How do you think this beta test will ultimately help to shape the eventual game?

Joe Halper: With this beta there are many things that will ultimately help us for the final release. Installer performance, hardware compatibility, server performance, the structure of the user interface, gameplay balance on all features such as weapons, role upgrades, vehicles, destruction, levels, etc. We want the players participating in the open beta to not only have a great time playing with all of these features but their experience and opinions will help us shape this up to where it needs to be upon final release.

What lessons are you looking to learn from the beta test?

Joe Halper: We are hoping to learn a lot in many different areas. One of the biggest gains will be to find out how all of the weapons, roles and vehicles will are balanced for the players. With over 60 weapons and vehicles it is very important to make sure they all work well with each other when 8 to 32 people are battling it out together on maps of various sizes. We feel that the current balance is set well but there is always room for polish and this beta will help us establish where that polish should be applied.


Can you tell us about the maps we'll be playing in the Frontlines beta?

Joe Halper: NEW MAP - Street - Urban combat is often the bloodiest, with men fighting and dying over a single block (8+ person multiplayer map)

NEW MAP - Oilfield - Red Star Alliance and Western Coalition forces clash over a valuable oilfield in northern Turkmenistan (16+ person multiplayer map)

How do these maps and scenarios fit into the overall storyline of Frontlines?

Joe Halper: The maps are extrapolated from the similar levels you experience from the intense single player campaign but were specifically designed for multiplayer purposes.

"Street" is an infantry based multiplayer map and takes place over a small portion of a war torn Moscow environment. This lets players really show off their loadout and role skills within a gritty backdrop and the level of intensity is very high.

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