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360 getting MORE exclusive GTA IV content?

UPDATED: Looks like it could be a case of crossed wires

After covering the reports on additional exclusive GTA IV content coming to Xbox 360, our sister site gone in touch with Rockstar to find out the score.

According to Rockstar, the 'new' content that's been referred to is in fact the second piece of content exclusive to Xbox 360 that was confirmed back in June this year. It's just that this second piece of content has now been delayed.

Xbox 360 is set to receive more exclusive GTA IV content than originally thought, it appears.

According to reports, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two has spoken of new episodic content releasing for Microsoft's console after its fiscal '08 - which would put its release somewhere between November 1, 2008 and October 31, 2009.

Previously the company has spoken only of exclusive episodic content for GTA IV on Xbox 360 set to release it its fiscal '08 year.

In June it said to expect one piece of content to appear around the game's launch - between February and March 2008 - and a second piece "later in fiscal '08".