Dragon Quest V DS revealed

But we're yet to get DQIV over here...

The first images of the DS remake of Super NES classic Dragon Quest V has surfaced on the net, and it's looking pretty sweet.

Hardcore RPG fans will know the Dragon Quest games as one of the most popular RPG series' of all time in Japan, and a favourite among importers.

Developer ArtePiazza only released its re-cooked DS edition of DQIV in Japan last month, but their dual-screen remake of the sequel is already looking good - probably because it reuses many of the same assets.

DQV, originally 2D on the Super NES, was re-released on PS2 in 2004 (in US only, where it's known as Dragon Warrior V) in 3D, but is returning to its 2D roots on DS, albeit with a significant facelift.

The story, set in a world called DraQue, follows the events in 20 years of the main hero's life, in which he finds himself in all sorts of monster-related troubles, battling creatures, who join his party when defeated (like Pokemon).

Check out these first screens in Japanese Jump magazine, (via NeoGAF).