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GT5 Prologue vs PGR4

Plus more gorgeous, in-game Prologue footage

Yep, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has landed and it looks bloody amazing - one of the most realistic games ever without doubt.

You want to see it in motion, don't you? In the videos below we take out nippy Honda Integra Type-R out for a thrash around three of the five courses in the Prologue package.

Update: We've now also added comparison videos between Polyphony's handy work and Project Gotham Racing 4, for your contemplation.

Just check out the gorgeous detail on the cars - there's just the right amount of lighting and reflections on them - not too shiny, not too dull.

AI wise, again it's brilliant. The CPU cars make mistakes, react to changing situations and battle with each other. You'll see towards the end of the Eiger Nordwand course that one of the CPU cars goes into a tight right-hander with too much speed, which allows another car to catch up, and barge each other in a fight for the load. Great stuff.

The big question though, is if this is the best-looking racer ever. We'll let you judge for yourself with the comparison videos now added below.

PGR4 definately has exaggerated shine and more blurring effects going on. GT takes a crisper, more true-to-life approach. Also consider PGR4 can do some stunning weather effects - something not yet achieved by Sony's racer.

But we must say the videos don't do GT's silky smoothness - it sticks to 60fps solid, and it really makes all the difference on a nice, large TV.

Anyway, check it out for yourself...