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PS3 Devil May Cry 4 bundle hits Japan

40GB console and game for £211. We wish we were there

Sony has put together a gaming bundle of joy for its homeland, packing the PS3 with Capcom's brilliant-looking third person face smash-'em-up, Devil May Cry 4.

The bundle will go on sale in Japan on January 21, and will include the 40GB console, the game and a special bonus features Blu-Ray video disc.

Lucky purchasers will also be able to choose between black or white consoles (we want white PS3's too, Sony).

And if you're already bitter about Japan's special treatment, what about the price - 47,800 Yen is what it'll all cost, which equates to around £211. Import glory.

Images of the flashy new box can be found over on Kotaku.