2008's Best Nintendo Games

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

The Crystal Chronicles series provides a very different experience from your usual Final Fantasy games, as we found with the brilliant GameCube debut.

But, even though it was good, that game had two big problems; you needed four GBAs all linked to the 'Cube to play the multiplayer mode, and one of the four players had to take on the chore of carrying the Crystal.

This game uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk control system to send players on a brand new quest in a beautifully crafted world and fight in real-time battles (none of that turn-based stuff). Details are scant, but we've got our eye on Wii's first FF game.


Samba de Amigo

Sega had tried to keep quiet about this one, but when you have legions of Dreamcast fans constantly in search of the return of any of their favourite games on the prematurely killed console, you can't hide anything.

Samba De Amigo on Wii is essentially a remake of the Dreamcast original with the obvious change being that you won't need to buy expensive maraca controllers, because the Wii's motion sensing powers will do the job just fine. Old songs will return with a selection of new ones, and there's bound to be more bonus content thrown in. If Sega nails the controls, this will be awesome. No question.

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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

We could almost have filled this entire top-10 with Final Fantasy games - Square is throwing it all at Nintendo, particularly on DS. But of the several DS release it has lined up, Revenant Wings is the one we're looking forward to most.

For a start, it's a full-on FF adventure on our favourite portable that isn't a remake of an old classic. But it will also be a must by for those who finished FFXII on PS2, because it's set a year after the events of the PS2 game, and will round off the stories of several of the characters, including what happens to Vaan, Penelo, Fran and Balthier. And all this will take form in some of the best visuals we've seen on DS so far.

Read more about Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings here.


Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

After getting three stunning Advance Wars games in fairly quick succession, things went quiet for series fans for a couple of years, until Days of Ruin was unveiled late this year.

Dual Strike (the series debut on DS), while good, seemed a bit like a GBA game with two displays - it featured minimal new content to take advantage of the DS hardware. Days of Ruin, on the other hand, will hopefully come up with some clever new ideas.

The battle scenes, for starters, are now fully 3D with a cool cel-shaded look, and a host of new vehicles and CO's will change things up a fair bit. And best of all, it will take advantage of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, with fully-online multiplayer battles. You beauty.


Alone in the Dark

Being fans of the Alone in the Dark series, we're really hoping Atari's latest work will be worth the seven year wait since the previous game, The New Nightmare, which came out in 2001.

It was originally bound only for the high-power platforms, so the announcement for Wii and PS2 versions was a pleasant surprise. Particularly on Wii, however, because Atari is promising special things from the control system, including the ability to manipulate objects in real-time.

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