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Wii rip-off gets sequel - Vii 2!

Vii 2 is an "Interactive Experience Game". Believe that

We turned our Wii-spoiled noses up at China's Vii rip-off console, but they must have liked it out there because the Vii 2 has arrived and it's just as hilarious.

Chinese children with fathers on the doll know what they'll be getting this Christmas - the new Vii 2 abandons the Wii-looking console shape, oddly going for an aesthetic that looks more like PS3, complete with a "porwer" button. But it retains the shameless Wii Remote rip-off, with the same shape and button layout as Nintendo's Remote. It even has a trigger on the reverse side.

Must buy!

It looks like it plays the exact same premium-quality games as the original Vii, but the new console has expansion ports for new peripherals and console add-ons, should any of the console's major developers fancy putting together new gadgets for it.

Imaginary industry analysts predict it'll sell around three million units over the Christmas period. Probably. And you can see it in action over on GameTrailers.