Frontlines 360 multiplayer demo soon

Multiplayer demo to follow last week's single-player demo, which Kaos says will help shape the final game

A multiplayer demo of Kaos Studios' FPS Frontlines: Fuel of War will be arriving on Xbox Live Marketplace soon, the developer has told CVG.

The multiplayer tryout follows the single-player demo which arrived on Marketplace last week and don't forget if you'd like a bash at the PC version, we're currently giving away free beta downloads and keys for you to sample.

As it turns out, Kaos has been listening to fan feedback on the demo and has modified the final game thus (it tells us):

"We at Kaos Studios are very interested in your feedback on our recently released single-player demo on the Xbox 360. The community is very important to us and we make an effort to pay attention to what you have to say so we can make this the best game possible.

Controls - We're taking the feedback on the control issues seriously and have already begun making changes. Specifically, the C4 drone controls have been improved and we've looked at the "dead zone" in the sensitivity. You should see a big improvement in the controls when we release the multiplayer demo.

Graphics - We've been optimizing the graphics and there is a dramatic increase in the framerate. The quality of the graphics also have been brought up to par with other large-scale shooters.

Popping - The popping has been reduced but there may still be some in the final game given the size of the levels (3 sq miles) and sandbox environment.

Glitches - The minor clipping issues in the demo have been resolved.

AI - There were some bugs with the AI in the demo, which have been resolved.

Pace of the game - The bigger world will make it feel like the pace of the game is slower but this is also probably related to the control and character speed issues that we are working on.

Frontlines is in the shops in February. Read our hands-on impressions right here.