48 amazing C&C Tiberium screenshots

First in-game sneaky peek at EA's stunning FPS retake on Command & Conquer

Considering EA's first screenshot of its new FPS C&C game, Tiberium, didn't give much away, you might still be wandering what the game's going to look like. The answer is: awesome.

As the 48 images below show, C&C Tiberium's dark and futuristic looks is packed with detail and large scale environments, with a unique art style.

As well as scenery shots, you will also find among the treats below the first in-game shots, showing the new FPS view in full swing.

For those of you that missed it, EA's official announcement read: "Tiberium is a mysterious extraterrestrial crystal that shatters the energy output of traditional fossil fuels. It has the power to save our civilization; it also has the power to destroy it. For eleven years, an alien tower has stood dormant, looming like an unholy mountain over a wasteland once known as the Mediterranean Sea.


"The tower was thought to be a relic of the Third Tiberium War; a devastating war fought for control over Tiberium crystal. It is not a relic. It is not dormant. Deep within the tower, plans are in motion for an alien invasion. This is where the Tiberium adventure begins."

Players step into the shoes of Forward Battle Commander Ricardo Vega and will assemble an assortment of elite squads to combat the global crisis. You'll be armed with plenty of C&C weapons including a transforming personal weapon system, multi-launch homing missiles, capital ship bombardments and tactical ion cannon strikes.

The game aims to blend first-person shooting and tactical squad combat into one, where you control multiple infantry, armour, and air squads. The squads are your most decisive weapon, not the rocket launcher.

Tiberium will be available worldwide in autumn 2008 for PS3, 360 and PC.