Haze heads for March

Update: Sony removes Haze from it's 'Upcoming' list of PS3 games

The release date for Radical Design's delayed PS3 shooter, Haze, is as cloudy as the game's title. But after Sony listed the game as out in January, the listing's been changed to March.

Update: Sony has now updated its site, removing Haze from the 'Upcoming' list and slapping March, 2008 on it instead. Ubisoft is still sticking to "Q1", which doesn't really help matters either. Done when it's done by the looks of it...

Original story: The official US PlayStation page lists Haze for a January 15 launch, despite the fact that no-one - not even Ubisoft UK (who declined to comment) - seems to know exactly when the game will hit shelves.

Haze was originally planned for a November 2007 release, before being pushed back first to December, then back further into early 2008.

As it stands, the official line is that it'll be out during Q1 this year, so either way you've not got long to wait. That is if it doesn't slip again...