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Jenga DS

How hard can it be to mess up a stone-cold classic? Not very, apparently

Jenga is the type of game that's usually so exciting you can only watch it through your fingers.

Jeering your opponent as they try to free a wooden block from the stack, using only their fingernails and the precision of a master safe-cracker, is a thrill that's been shared by children and alcoholics alike since the 1980s.

Sadly, there are no pleasant experiences with Jenga DS. Unfortunately the controls have all the finesse of someone who's lost an intense round of Shot Jenga.

Using the stylus, you draw out the block in a way that can only be described as clunky.


This makes the gameplay immediately tedious and chore-like, and only a few minutes in, you'll already start to feel your spirit being sapped away.

Logic dictates that, as you only need one Jenga set to play with many people, you would only need one Jenga DS cartridge to play against others. This is not the case.

Atari wants all your mates' money, too, and you'll have to make sure you get a cart for everyone who wants to join in.

Playing against the AI isn't even a viable fallback as those 'players' manoeuvre like pros while you flail about like Janice Dickinson at a cockroach farm. There's only one word for this experience: wooden.

The verdict

We had high hopes for this game on the DS but they were quickly dashed. A disservice to the Jenga family and one to be avoided at all costs.

Nintendo DS
Atomic Planet Entertainment