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Master of Illusion (Import)

You'll like this. Not a lot. Well, quite a bit, probably. Maybe...

Being raised on a diet of bad '90s TV shows debunking the David Copperfields of this world has made us predisposed towards magical cynicism. So it's with grudging respect that we tell you that Master Of Illusion isn't that bad.

Tricky business

You begin at Barbara's Magic Shop, where performing tricks earns you points that unlock more content.

The Solo Magic section is a joy to experience - just sit back and let your DS entertain you with simple tricks.

It's mainly here to encourage you to want to perform your own magic to friends and family with the Magic Show section.


It's a shame that these are basic beyond belief, causing our inner Penn and Teller to let rip.

However, if your loved ones don't have time for your magic tricks then there's always the Magic Training to compensate.

This is probably the closest the whole thing gets to actually being a game, with minigame tasks such as mirror-writing and the head-scratching solitaire.

The graphics are cute, making the shoddier tricks much more endearing than they otherwise would have been, and that's the essence of this game.

Master Of Illusion may have all the substance of a Masked Magician Showtime Special but it's presented in such a sweet way you can't help but like it.

The verdict

If you're not already a magic buff, and you're under 13, this will easily entertain you. But it won't guarantee membership of the Magic Circle.

Nintendo DS
Puzzle, Mini Games