PC Gamer: Hottest Games of 2008

Feature: 110 reasons to be excited - part two

PC Gamer UK has picked out its hottest games of 2008, the list totalling an impressive 110 titles. The carnage continues below, and we'll be adding to the list over the coming days. Should you have missed the first part of the feature, you can find a link to it below.


Blood Bowl (ETA: Summer)
American Football with orcs - a mildly popular spinoff from the Games Workshop's Warhammer games. Two sides, one ball, and very few rules let dwarves, elves, lizard men and chaos demons beat the snot out of each other in the name of 'sport'. There is precedent for such rampant idiocy: the boardgame has been a cult hit, and our very own Kieron Gillen wrote the script for Cyanide's last (unlicensed) attempt, Chaos League.


Brutal Legend (ETA: Winter)
Tim Schafer returns after the glorious Psychonauts with another unique game. You play roadie Eddie Riggs, voiced and personified by Jack Black in a world of full-on RAWK nonsense. You have the task of organising a legion of demons, dragsters and piles of amps, in order to bring the ancient world into the Age of Metal. It has a sense of fun pouring out of its sweaty armpits, and that's why we're excited. It's still not announced for the PC, but we believe in our rocking hearts that it will be.


Braid (ETA: Summer)
Games have been playing with the concept of time for a long, er, time, but none as artfully as Braid. In this puzzle platformer, each challenge is solved by rewinding time or slowing things down. Need to get past a procession of enemies? Drop a bubble in front of them that causes them to move in slow-motion, giving you time to slip by.

Screw up and fall down a hole? Then rewind back out. It's relentlessly clever, each new section introducing new ways to play with the clock or new obstacles to think your way past.

Winner of the 'Innovation in Game Design' award at the 2006 IGF, Braid's look has since been revamped, replacing placeholder graphics with lush, painted landscapes and whimsical characters. Designer Jonathan Blow is still weighing up his options in terms of a publisher, but it'll be out in 2008.


Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (ETA: Spring)
Our World War II shooters have gone to great lengths to show us the devastation inflicted upon the cities and countryside of Europe, tearing up terrain and blowing the sides off buildings.

But those impressive explosions have always been scripted. These games have never really let us do that damage. That's the big change in Hell's Highway - which integrates powerful physical damage modelling into a ground-level shooting gallery. We've already seen great things: sheds shot up to reveal Nazis cowering inside, church steeples blown to bits by a direct bazooka hit, and, hilariously, taking out would-be ambushers by firing through the billowing sheets they're hiding behind.

Hell's Highway also continues the deep tactical play the Brothers in Arms series has become renowned for: demanding that you pin and flank each platoon of enemy soldiers, rather than going straight for a headshot. Puzzling over attack routes as bullets whizz overhead is an already established thrill.

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