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Yakuza 3: Stunning Footage

Watch us beat face in Sega's gorgeous feudal Japan brawler

As reported earlier, playable demos of Sega's Yakuza 3 have gone live on the Japanese PSN Store, and here are the videos we promised you.

First of all we must warn you that if you usually struggle to get an idea of what's going on in Japanese games, you'll struggle with these demos because, to be honest, we haven't the foggiest what's going on in them.

In the first demo, you are given the freedom to roam around a small and gorgeously detailed town. It's all very pretty.

On a street map are objective markers - we don't know what the objectives are but they basically amount to us English folk running to the marker, speaking to someone (or hammering Circle until the symbols stop coming), before going to the next marker.

It continues like this for a while, before you eventually get into a fight and you get to do what you came for - punch someone in the face.

The combat system isn't unlike previous Yakuza games, and you'll only have an umbrella to fight with, so nothing too brutal. The demo ends with a lengthy cutscene in which, erm... stuff happens.

The second demo is more of a collection of alternative gameplay scenarios for you to try out. There's horseback archery - we understood that one. And there's what seems like a survival mode in which you go from one royal rumble to another trying not to get your nostrils stamped in. All good fun.

Then there's one mode where you're sitting with a young lady (who has a healthy pair, it must be said) having a chat. She says stuff, then up pops a bunch of options of what we say. We hit any option and she either smiles or looks disappointed. Like real life really...

Either way, we couldn't get her to get 'em out.

And there's another game where your character and some other lass take turns to pick up and put down a pebble in what looks like some traditional Japanese game. Thank God we've got thumb war and slap hands.

Clearly, we need an English demo. But as we said it's all very pretty, so switch off your brain and check out the craziness in the two videos below.