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Far Cry 2 gets amBX treatment

FPS sequel to take advantage of Philips' amBX's environmental immersion system

Ubisoft's upcoming first-person shooters Far Cry 2 and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway for PC will be compatible with Philips' amBX's environmental immersion system.

amBX uses fans, special lights and rumble in conjunction with on-screen actions in a effort to immerse the user in the gaming experience.

For example, in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, a fan might simulate the burst from an explosion or object collision. Rumble will simulate the bumpiness associated with riding in a vehicle, while directional light will indicate "danger, bullet and shrapnel impact and simulate everything from the use of torches in dark environments to full-on explosions."

A new patch for the acclaimed original Far Cry from 2004 will make the game compatible with amBX. Other patches for undisclosed Ubisoft games will also allow for amBX compatibility in the future.

The system is on display at this week's Consumer Electronics Show.

Other game firms that have implemented amBX technology include Codemasters, THQ, Introversion, Gearbox Software, Gas Powered Games, Zombie, Riot Games, Brain in a Jar, Invictus Games, Instinct Technology, Kuju, Revolution, Sumo Digital and Rivers Run Red.

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