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127 Nintendo Games for '08

See what you should be keeping an eye on in 2008

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Its main draw a four-player orchestral mash-up, it might not be as flash as Activision's wallet-destroyer, but should prove just as manic.

Our only concern is that some instruments might prove more entertaining than others - point a trumpet in the air, or bagsy the bassoon? Still, multiplayer should be great.


5) Bully (March 7)

So where in the name of Billy Bunter's picnic hamper was this in last Christmas's release schedule then, eh? Did the dog eat it?

Absence only makes the heart grow fonder though. For the uninitiated, Bully (released over here on PS2 as Canis Canem Edit after approximately six middle-aged women got their knickers in a twist) is an inventive GTA-'em-up with a schoolyard twist.

Rather than run around mindlessly kicking softies up the backside, as young Jimmy Hopkins you'll find yourself with a bit more control over your moral destiny; help break-up a volatile playground fight, or wade on in? Attend maths, or kiss girls behind the bike shed? It's up to you, and is what made Bully one of PS2's most inventive games.

Rockstar aren't ones to push half-baked products out the door, so we reckon its prolonged truancy is to make the new bits extra spesh.

Expect motion-sensing fun, which hopefully won't include having to write out lines on a blackboard with the Wii remote.


6) We Love Golf (TBC)

Golf is as close to a sure thing as you're going to get on Wii, but we've already got more golf games than Tiger Woods has yachts. So what makes serial sports day-dodgers Capcom think they can compete?

Well, for tee-off, they've enlisted the developmental services of Camelot, who have been, er, widening our perceptions of the sport for a decade or so now, caddying up the likes of the cartoonish Everybody's Golf on PlayStation as well as the fair (as in fairway! No, wait; as in decent) Mario Golf series of games.

We Love Golf notes that in current Wii golf titles it's sometimes hard to strike the ball with precision, and to remedy this has incorporated a swing meter narrated by - who else? - a talking Wii remote with puny little hands.

This might sound odd, but in practice it works very well indeed. Other things we like: pointing the remote at the screen to activate an animated preview of the fairway. Ace! Ha! Oh, sorry; that's tennis.


7) Wii Fit (Early 2008)

That odd sound you can hear in your left 'lughole' is the collective huff of the Japanese nation sweating off their Christmas pudding in front of Wii Fit.

A successful launch means that the proposed Western release date of early 2008 should be on track (despite the hilarity of Shigsy claiming Stateside gamers might need a larger board).

Us? We're apprehensive and excited all at once. We still take Dr Crygor's WarioWare workout from time to time, so we know that hula-ing, striking poses and nutting footballs can be a right laugh.

On the other hand, the sheer humiliation of watching our fat little Miis struggle under the pressure of a single push-up is not a compelling prospect.

But regardless, anything that might knock Chantelle off the front page of Heat is okay by us.


8) Blue Fang Project (Autumn)

Gave the game away by advertising for a 'senior Wii programmer'. Previous games include Zoo Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon 2, Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs and Zoo Tycoon DS. What could they be working on?

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