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127 Nintendo Games for '08

See what you should be keeping an eye on in 2008

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Red Steel often divides the gaming community, but most agree that a followup, free from the restrictions of the oppressive deadlines that plague launch titles, could become one of the Wii's landmark games.

If they make a bit more of an effort to let us see more of Scott than his dismembered, many-jointed arm, that'd be a start.


16) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (10 Feb (US) Not before July (UK))

Not only does our rammed cover represent a myriad of titles winging your way in 2008, but - bar a few characters yet to be announced - it simultaneously represents just one game, the one game to rule them all: Smash Bros.

It's the most comprehensive pick 'n' mix of Nintendo history ever collated, scraping the sweet tub right down to the Sin And Punishment flakes at the bottom.

And for every retro-nod there's a brand spanking new feature to match. Controller remapping, a streaming Wi-Fi battle footage Spectator mode and the return of the special events - rock-hard scenarios designed to push your playing into new realms of skill, and push remotes into new realms of your television screen.

If Galaxy is the Wii's single-player head honcho, then Brawl is the multiplayer daddy, sure to win over new fans with its giddy brand of item-snatching combat while pleasing old hands by including much-loved arenas from Melee.

If we could pick just one past stage to return it would be Zelda's castle, with its sprawling length and underground smash-hole - lo and behold, producer Masahiro Sakurai has made it so.

He's clearly a mind-reader. We're now thinking of a playable Leon S Kennedy with all our mental might. You try it too...

17) Shin'en Project (TBC)

The German developers of Nanostray and various sound tools (most notably for the GBA) have thrown the sauerkraut among the, er, German pigeons by announcing on their distinctly non-English website that they're working on Wii. It'll be their first non-handheld project.


18) Southpeak Pool Party (TBC)

Thirteen variations of billiards, snooker and whatnot. Sadly, the graphics look like they've been drawn using a novelty bendy pen, and some of SouthPeak's recent output has been almost heroically bad.


19) Digital Embryo Project (TBC)

The Cake Mania devs have put down their whisks and hopped on the Wii gravy train, but not much is known about their new project.

It uses the Vicious Engine, but as that's used for everything from Alien Syndrome to Marvel Trading Card Game, that's not much help.


20) Secret Files: Tunguska (Spring 2008)

PC point 'n' click adventure about a girl searching for her father. Actually a pretty good effort, as PC point-'n-clickers go (today's breed are hit and miss). Logical puzzles and a good interface help its cause.

21) N-Space Projects (TBC)

N-Space, the Florida studio behind GC incredi-flop Geist, have been working on numerous Wii titles since 2005.

Last seen working on Call Of Duty 4 DS, they've been asked by Nintendo to provide more 'mature' games. It's like Rare/Microsoft in reverse!

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