127 Nintendo Games for '08 (P2)

See what you should be keeping an eye on in 2008

NGamer has picked out its hottest games of 2008, the list totalling an impressive 127 titles. If you you have missed the first part of the feature, you can find a link to it below. Otherwise, here's the second part of the list.


22) Animal Crossing Wii (TBC)

Animal Crossing as an MMO is as natural a fit as your money in Tom Nook's bulging wallet. Nintendo bigwigs have hinted at a number of exciting WiiConnect propositions for AC using the WiiConnect service, while deftly dodging the wider question as to how they'll actually work. However, knowing that the team behind Animal Crossing: Wild World also sculpted the Mii Channel gives us a clue. Our proposal: a special Animal Crossing channel, that lets you send self-crafted messages and items to your friends, as well as a 24/7 global shop. You know it's happening.


23) Disaster Day of Crisis (Spring)

Your homework, if it's possible, is to ferret out a copy of the excellent SOS: The Great Escape on PlayStation 2, because we think that this will prove a worthy re-imagining of the survival action concept. In case you're not hot-to-trot with developers Monolith Soft's inaugural Wii project, you're cast as Ray (a dynamic moniker), a former rescue task force agent faced with a tirade of natural disasters, including tsunamis, earthquakes and a volcanic burp. Monolith Soft's owners - that's none other than Nintendo themselves - reckon the game's going great guns. So don't worry about the lack of fresh info or the relative scarcity of screenshots: this is no disaster.


24) Athletic World (2008)

An update of the 1986 NES title of the same name, Active Life: Athletic World (even saying its full Western name is exhausting) shares two other characteristics with its 8-bit dad; a custom mat controller and an overbearing concern over the condition of your white, flabby gut.
The packaged-in mat consists of eight pressure sensors (down from 12) in a D-pad formation, and works in conjunction with the remote - key difference to much of Wii Fit here - to provide a cascade of backbreaking minigames. The activities (of which Namco ominously state there are 'more than 10') consist of single-player pursuits such as water rafting, running and jumping and mine cart racing, while certain activities, such as rope climbing and a really weird giant log-avoiding game, require two players to commandeer four pressure sensors each. It looks fun, but another exercise game this close to Wii Fit? It's all a bit much for us.


25) Opoona (TBC)

Be honest - you know this as "the one that only uses the nunchuk". While we're more interested in Artepiazza's upcoming Dragon Quest DS remakes, there's plenty to recommend this child-friendly RPG. The energy-bon-bon-flicking combat might get tiresome over Opoona's 40-hour campaign, but we like the idea of getting a 'proper job' for cash. We're waiting for more English info to arrive on this one.


26) Puchi Copter (Out Now (Japan), TBC (UK))

Unless we're mistaken, this is the latest in the range of cheap (but cheerful!) radio-controlled helicopter games, traditionally developed by Aquasystem and published by Taito, which previously reached our stores via publishers such as D3 and 505 Games (they released the first two PS2 games under the guise of Radio Helicopter at the overdraft-dodging price of £9.99).

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