Wii Fit sells 1m in Japan

Just a month on sale - better than any post Christmas fitness DVD

Nintendo's Wii Fit exercise, err, game has sold one million units in Japan after one month since launch, according to Nikkei.

Released on December 1, the balance board peripheral and software bundle reached the one million mark by January 6.

Wii Fit is presumed to contribute to the sales lead of the Wii over PlayStation 3, which increased to over 3:1 during the month of December.

No doubt Nintendo executives will be celebrating with mineral water and herbal cigars that compliment their new love of all things exercise.

We expect Wii Fit to hit the UK with the next five months. Which means that if we go to the gym, cut out the booze and fags and stop going to the chicken shop every day for lunch, we won't be too embarrassed when teh boss makes us post footage of ourselves getting Wii Fit.

Source: Nikkei