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Dead Island

Jamie Sefton forgets Club 18-30 and books a package tour in a completely different resort from hell

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"Although we're focused on melee fighting rather than shooting, there will of course be guns on the island, but the combat system also gives you the chance to take advantage over the opponents by using the environment. Places like pools filled with water, electric fences, gas supplies and so on provide great opportunities to deploy traps - and you can also combine those elements."

So what about multiplayer? Well, with Valve and Turtle Rock's amazing-looking Left 4 Dead being released early in 2008, plans are in place for co-op play mode (although not in the single-player storyline unfortunately) and some other surprises, as Techland
"don't want to make another standard multiplayer shooter."

Dead Island is a fantastic premise for a game, although it's too early to tell whether the developers have bitten off more flesh than they can chew with the ambitious free-roaming levels, emergent gameplay, interactive environments and gore physics that accurately simulate injuries from different sources.

One thing they're sure of though, is how scary the game will be: "There will be things far more hideous than zombie women in bikinis."

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