Resistance 2 revealed

Sixty-player online battles and other details inside

The sequel to Insomniac games has been revealed with the first (real) image of the game.

The image below of Game Informer's next cover - in which the game will be previewed - shows the first peak at Resistance 2, along with the first gameplay details.

Update: You can now see the first shots here!

Boosts to the multiplayer side of the game include massive 60-player online battles, and an eight-player co-op option.

The game will also feature two separate campaigns - possibly one single player and one multiplayer - against what looks like the same enemy from the first game (hopefully there'll be plenty of new beasts to shoot, though).


Oh, and we hope it's a lot better than the enjoyable, but very average, Fall of Man.

[Source: Game Informer]