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New TF2 maps shun 360, PS3?

Two new maps in the pipe from Valve, but consoles may be left out in the cold

Two new Team Fortress 2 maps that are being created by Valve may not be released for Xbox 360 and PS3.

ShackNews reports it's received word from the developer that the maps are "undecided" for the consoles.

But they will, of course, definitely release on Team Fortress 2 on PC.

One of the new maps remains a mystery, however the other is a remake of Badlands, which players of Team Fortress Classic will be familiar with.

Valve additionally expects to ship other TF2 content before the two maps arrive, which includes new achievements and a "significant gameplay tweak" for the Medic class.

"It's a large scale modification to the core of the game," Valve's Robin Walker has said of the new class content. "It'll debut in a limited fashion through the Medic first, but it'll be affecting all classes eventually."

Both new Team Fortress 2 maps are expected within the next couple of months.

[Source: ShackNews]