Wolfenstein director arrested on suspicion of manslaughter

Oscar-winning screenwriter Roger Avary, currently working on the Wolfenstein movie, is in some hot water

It was only last October that we reported on how the Wolfenstein movie was shaping up nicely from a writing point of view. Whether the director's arrest will impact the movie isn't known yet, but it can't be good.

Avary has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and driving under the influence after a Ventura County car crash that killed a man and injured Avary's wife, authorities have reported.

He was the driver in the single-car collision shortly after midnight Sunday. Italian Andreas Zini was killed in the accident. He was apparently visiting the couple. Avary's wife was ejected from the car and found in the road by deputies.

Avary was a fan of the game and was looking forward to doing id Software's masterpiece justice on the silver screen.

"One of the foremost experiences I had growing up was playing Wolfenstein 3D. I played the original Castle Wolfenstein game, but really it was 3D that changed things. It was like a quantum leap in graphics at that point, and it was the first time I was transported inside another world and in control of it. My avatar was me, and when I turned it off, it was like I was leaving a very real world."