Xbox 360 Turok demo sneaks out

"Shoooot her"

A 1.17GB Turok single-player demo has sneaked its way onto Xbox Live.

The return of the dino-blasting FPS series finds Joseph Turok and an elite squad of soldiers known as Whiskey Company pursuing his former mentor Roland Kane.

Kane has gone rogue and assembled an army on another planet, but as Turok and his team approach, they're shot down by Kane and crash-land in a jungle swarming with dinos and enemy soldiers...

Turok developer Propaganda Games whipped up a bit of controversy with a multiplayer achievement called Grab Bag, which rewards you for killing team mates.

"We are currently looking at readying a patch or solution for it if it does become an issue when the game releases", the developer told CVG. Check back later today for in-game movies.