Pre-order to get the full game?

Lost Odyssey pre-orders to receive two exclusive bit of DLC...

Microsoft will give those who pre-order Lost Odyssey a special card allowing them to redeme two exclusive batches of downloadbale content "unavailable anywhere else".

Thankfully both bits of content are nothing major like an exclusive character or new area of the game. But if you're Mystwalker's number one fan then you might feel a bit aggrieved about being forced into pre-ordering a game you were going to get anyway.

One is described as a song that recalls a dream while the other is the make-it-a-bit-easier skill, Weapon Guard 2.

If you don't pre-order than you'll miss out, which isn;t the biggest deal but what if you don't have Xbox Live? How do you get your exclusive pre-order content then? And isn't it a bit cheeky offering exclusive content for a pre-order? Sounds a bit desperate to us...

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