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127 Nintendo Games for '08 (P4)

More to watch out for in 2008

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Things are largely business as usual for this empiric turn-based strategy game (build settlements, invent weapons, attack other settlements, etc), with 16 key figures from history available to lead to glory. But the main difference Civilization fans will note is the micromanagement side of things has been scaled back dramatically. As a result, CivRev flows much faster than its PC brethren, which means a gentle way into one of gaming's most complex series.


65) Harvey Birdman (January (US))

We're really excited about this. From the makers of, er, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (noo, keep reading!) comes this courtroom sim which Capcom themselves have gleefully compared to the Phoenix Wright series. Harvey Birdman is an ex-superhero (he had his own series in the sixties) turned attorney, who often finds himself defending many of his oafish Hanna-Barbera stablemates, including Fred Flintstone and the Scooby Gang. It'll probably be brilliant, and it's probably not coming out in Europe ever ever ever, so get those emigration papers ready... now!


66) Godzilla Unleashed (Now (US) Spring (UK))

GipeWorks' third Godzilla game might be more appealing than their previous bruisers due to its focus on the Wii's controllers; chucking skyscrapers around like pine cones sounds great to us.

New for Unleashed is a system called 'Critical Mass' - destroy a number of crystals around the city and your beast will grow even larger still. Doing so is a gamble, however. You'll be able to unleash devastating attacks but your energy will deplete by a cell upon exiting Critical Mass mode. Also features: the original 1954 Godzilla. Aces!

67) DK Barrel Blast (25th January)

What's the holdup? It can't be too hard to translate into English. We've translated our review into Spanish since then (for our Spanish edition, NGamer!). You remember: we complained it was broken nonsense and then gave it 40%. Ole!


68) Dick Tracey (TBC)

If you remember Worms World Party with affection - anyone? - then this'll possibly make your cockles warm up a few degrees. The developer is bringing the comic-cop to Wii. Flashman also has the rights to Rocky & Bullwinkle, Mr Magoo and The Lone Ranger.


69) Samurai Warriors (February)

Yes, yes, we are well aware that there are more Samurai Warriors games than there are leftover advent calendars in the January sales, but this one is a little bit different. This Wii game will be a first-person adventure, letting you loose with swords, spears, crossbows, guns and even a cannon! Stoke that!


70) Tokyo Extreme (Autumn)

A port of PS2 title Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2, this. It's a serious one-on-one racing game that was monstrously successful on Dreamcast, but seems more than a little old hat now. It But, it still has its fans, and those that like to tweak their car may find solace here after the disappointing NFS: Prostreet.

71) Bachinaa (TBC)

This is a rather mysterious Japan-only action game from Hudson, as proudly displayed on their Japanese website. It says here that Bachinaa is "delicious lightly toasted, then drizzled with maple syrup". No, hang about; that's our packet of Scotch Pancakes. Actually, not even our translate-o-matic can track down any details, but let's cross our fingers for a good 'un.


72) Okami (Spring) TBC (UK))

Try playing Twilight Princess after staying awake for 72 consecutive hours and you'll be well on your way to understanding what Okami, formerly developed for and released on PS2, is all about. Taking control of a Sun Goddess re-incarnated in the form of a white wolf, and accompanied on your travels by - yes! - a talking flea, you set out to do... er... slay some demons, indulge in some lady rescue, that kind of thing. The plot (of which there is plenty, admittedly) isn't so important. It's about the ride, not the destination.

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