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What makes Okami such a (ahem) stroke of genius - and a perfect fit for Wii - is the unique way that you interact with the world. You can turn the gameworld into an easel at any moment and 'draw' stuff onto the environment. You could draw a bomb, a gust of wind, or even a jet of water. The dungeon puzzles are about as taxing as a Saturday Morning TV competition question, it's true, but it's all so lovely, you won't even notice. As mad as a brush, this one.


73) Rafa Nadal Tennis (TBC)

Despite no release date - and almost no details - being in the public domain, they're reviewing this already on wiisworld.com; choice cuts include "finally a good graphics tennis game" and "my cousin went to school with Nadal". The DS version was climb-the-walls tedious, and seemed to have been built on the kind of pitiful budget usually reserved for hospitals, so it's hard to imagine the Wii iteration leaving much of a mark. But, we dunno, you might want it. Maybe your cousin went to school with Nadal too.


74) Kirby (Late 2008)

Last seen as a traditional side-scroller for GameCube back at E3 2005, the powers that be at Nintendo have confirmed the project was moved to Wii ŗ la Super Paper Mario. The prolonged delay suggests that HAL have made like their pastel figurehead and had to 'suck it up' and go back to the drawing board. Expect the game to show elements of the '05 demo, with a motion-happy twist. DS draw-'em-up Power Paintbrush proved the Kirbster's in his element when innovation is on the menu, so we're hoping for the best.


75) Destroy All Humans 3 (February)

It's probes up the unmentionables as Crypto and his comedic interpretation of the free-roaming genre hits Wii for the first time - this time, in 1970.
Big Willy Unleashed is its subtitle - Big Willy in this case being a gigantic robotostatue (think the doughnut boy from that Simpsons episode, only wielding a hotdog made of, er, human remains) that Crypto can climb into. Chaos ensues!

There's also a zombie gun, which turns whoever's holding it into a you-know-what, causing an apocalyptic chain reaction as they infect all and sundry around them. Plus, a revamped body transfer system where you have to shoot numerous targets with the pointer to seal the deal.


76) Williams Pinball Classics (Mid 2008)

Much like ZoŽ Wanamaker, we find the idea of playing a physical, physics-based game such as pinball on our TV set strangely alluring. Good job then that Farsight Studios (also behind the decent Gottlieb collection) are 'cooking up' a collection of eight classic Williams pinball machines, including Gorgar (the first-ever talking pinball machine, we'll have you know), Space Shuttle and Black Knight - which introduced, er, Magna-SaveTM it, er, says here. There's no mention of online leaderboards as yet, which is somewhat of a hammer blow, but with a multiplayer mode, there's no question that Williams Pinball Class... Wait... that's ZoŽ Wanamaker? Oh god oh god oh god oh god.


77) Shikigami No Shiro 3 (Now (Japan))

You might know Shiro 2 better under its European title Castle Shikigami 2. It's tantalising flying-sorcerer vertical-shooter action using the Wii remote in the Virtual Console orientation, which begs an unfortunate comparison; will it actually be better than TurboGrafix's VC offerings?

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