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127 Nintendo Games for '08 (P4)

More to watch out for in 2008

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78) Eternity's Child / Rose Princess (TBC)

Eternity's Child - Gorgeous 2D platformer about a world devastated by pollution. Rose Princess - about a lesbian cello player, doomed to kill anyone she touches, and her crossdressing mecha-rabbit friend. Rightio, then.


79) Crow (Karous) (Now (Japan))

Half-crow, half-woman beast slashes and shoots her way through her vertical life. Karous was the Dreamcast's final game, and it reminds us of GameCube shooter Radio Allergy. As well it might - they share the same developer. Surprise!

80) Sword of Legendia (Now)

Spinoff RPG based around the mythos of Tales Of Legendia, a PS2 game set on an island that can move around like a ship. Veterans will know that the Tales games straddle the line between RPG and action game; the 'Sword' in the title would seem to concur.


81) Incredible Hulk (June)

Released in conjunction with the silver screen sequel in June, Sega has details of the game under total lockdown so as not to spoil the plot of the movie. Hulk 2 is loosely based on the time Greener got his coat pocket caught on a door handle.


82) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Summer)

Got a GameCube, four GBAs and three friends? Then you'll agree than the original Crystal Chronicles was brilli... hey, put down that game of Pac-Man Vs and listen up! Square Enix have learned their lesson well from the original Crystal Chron's logistical nightmares, crafting Crystal Bearers (the Wii instalment) into more of a single player-orientated experience. There is also an online multiplayer which, excitingly, allows you to craft your own wares in the main game and bring 'em into the fray. Any levelling up or items collected in multiplayer will subsequently transfer to your offline game, giving you more impetus to slurp up bandwidth.

Crystal Bearer's protagonist is older and wearier than your traditional FF hero/ine (ie the wrong side of 15) and seems to be able to use some form of gravity spell to shoot around the sky like a deflating balloon. It's all looking very promising, and if Crystal Bearer's sister DS title, Ring Of Fates is anything to go by (we awarded it 81%), we're in for a treat.

83) Treasure Project (TBC)

The rumblings in the rumour mill suggest this action game will be a hybrid of former Treasure titles like Gunstar Heroes and Sin & Punishment - a rumour that couldn't be more exciting if the person mongering it was trying to mow us down with his car. Work began early in '07, so don't expect to hear anything until the year's end, although the enthusiasm the team hold towards the Wii bodes well for the project's future.

Less well-received news is that Treasure are currently stalling on putting the rarer elements of their back catalogue onto the Virtual Console - they fear it could be disrespectful to hardcore fans who have spent £3,948,024,736.52p collecting the originals. Boo to them, we say. But with Bangai-O Spirits nearer completion on DS, we're not going to be starved of input from one of our favourite devs in '08.


84) Blast Works (Early 2008)

Well now, lookie what we have here. An upgraded port of PC shooter Timiki Warriors, which can be downloaded for the princely sum of £0.00 here.

It's a bright, simple, yet addictive old-school shooter that allows you to blast geometrical bits off the ships of your enemies and then affix them to your own ship as a line of defence. Map, spaceship and enemy editing facilities are all on-board to make your life more exciting, and there's even a bit of Duck Hunt style anti-aircraft turret action on the go as well. A triple thumbs-up from us.

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