127 Nintendo Games for '08 (P4)

More to watch out for in 2008

NGamer has picked out its hottest games of 2008, the list totalling an impressive 127 titles. If you have missed the first three parts of the feature, you can find a link to it below. Otherwise, here's the forth part of the list.


61) Top Spin Tennis (Spring)

While the world never fell in love with 2K's Top Spin series, Top Spin Tennis could change all that. It should incorporate the versatility of Wii Sports's shooting with the benefits of analogue movement and aiming: you'll position with the stick and smack the ball with the remote as you'd expect, but the game can detect an underarm lob, overarm smash and at least two types of slice. It'll also work out power based on how hard you swing it. And it wouldn't be Top Spin without crazy court-painting minigames, so we're glad they're back.


62) Emergency Mayhem (Spring)

Originally scheduled for Xbox and PS2 when the publishing rights belonged to Acclaim (they went bust some time ago now; do we have to say "ask your dad"?). We're a bit worried about the lengthy delay, as on paper it's a simple one. It's Crazy Taxi with emergency vehicles and cute little minigames once you reach the destination, like trampolining to catch civilians tumbling off a burning building and shooting killer monkeys with tranquillizer darts. Let's hope the delay is nothing to get unduly worried about.


63) Super Mario Baseball (2008)

Like us when we're drunk, Mario usually becomes a bit of a bore when he eschews jumping and wa-hooing for sports, but at least on Wii the concept seems a lot more sensible. Baseball was arguably the weakest part of the Wii Sports package and - disappointing titles such as The Bigs aside - developers haven't exactly fallen over themselves to fill the void. Anyway, seeing as it's just Rounders (the ignorant British comment we're obliged to make), it could so with some Mushroom Kingdom pizzazz.

Like Strikers Charged, we expect that Mario Superstar Stadium Baseball (for that will be its name) will be largely unchanged from its GameCube forefather in all but the swinging. Early screenshots suggest that teams will again comprise two co-captains and a supporting cast (Kamek, Piantas and Dry Bones have all been spotted), and there's no doubt the chemistry function (which saw unlikely pairings, such as Mario and Bowser, turn into bungling oafs) will feature.


64) Civilization Revolution (2008)

Mario Galaxy? "All well and good, but you know what you'll never get? A Civilization game," sneered our PC-owning chums over their thick spectacle rims, before beating us in seven simultaneous games of chess. But - ha! - it's checkmate for our patch-happy friends, because we've got a brand new Civ all to ourselves (the first on a Ninty platform since the SNES hosted the original, in fact).

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