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Too Human dev diary hits XBL

... except it's not that new, but in lovely hi-def

Finally some new media for Silicon Knight's Too Human has landed on Xbox Live Marketplace, in the form of a dev diary talking up the long-coming sci-fi slasher.

... except you've probably already seen this video, as it was doing the rounds on the internet as much as a month ago. Still, it's in lovely hi-def now and at least its proves Microsoft isn't going all shy on the game after the Epic lawsuit.

The RPG-come-hack-n-slasher has of course been in development (well, planning at least) since the PSOne days and was even set to release on the GameCube all those years ago.

With the Unreal Engine 3 rows hopefully resolved, it should be one of the Xbox 360's biggest games of 2008. Provided it's not rubbish.

Read our recent preview of Too Human via this here link and look for more soon.