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Pikmin ship in Smash Bros

This is getting silly now...

My brain hurts. Not only have I got to come up with yet more words to compliment six new screenshots for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I have to understand how a spaceship can possibly work in a beat 'em up.

Still, it's going to happen. The Super Smash Bros. website has confirmed that the developer has somehow shoehorned in Captain Olimar's shuttle as his final smash in the game.

The explanation is as follows. In Pikmin, Captain Olimar always had to return to his ship at night; else he would get eaten by the wild beasts that emerge after the sun goes down.


Therefore, Olimar's final move in Smash Bros. Brawl is to somehow manipulate space and time in order to bring on the evening, and see the creatures of the night eat his adversaries.

Smash Bros officially has no boundaries to where it will next go now.

Come back tomorrow to find out that Vaultboy from Fallout is confirmed as a playable character and his final smash is to cause a nuclear apocalypse, or something.