PES Wii release date confirmed

The big football gamble dated for March

Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 will be arriving on the Wii in March, 2008.

So far, the main focus of PES 2008 on Wii has been on the baffling controls and whether or not they can possibly work.

Now though, more info has been given out that could divide opinions further. According to Konami, "The Wii game mirrors the real sport's use of open space and the exploitation of defensive lapses and accurate passes essential in creating scoring opportunities". Whatever the hell that means, we don't know.

More understandable is the point and drag system, whereby players use the Wii Remote to guide their characters around the pitch. Pointing at nearby players selects them to receive a pass or latch on to a through-ball.

Shaking the Nunchuk can be used to perform sliding tackles and send the goalkeeper out to clear a ball.

PES 2008 for Wii features six modes, and includes the obligatory RPG-lite experience point system, where players can upgrade their team members after matches and unlock extra skills. It supports Mii's and works online too.

Konami's bringing the game in today, so stay turned for some serious impressions.