Crystal Chronicles DS dated

Ring of Fates set to enter UK on March 21

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates will launch on DS on March 21.

Featuring wireless play and unique action-based gameplay, the exclusive Nintendo DS title promises to be the most accessible Final Fantasy ever.

Sounds like great news, though considering that we still don't fully understand the battle system in Final Fantasy VII, it's not exactly a difficult goal to achieve.

Echoing similar obsessions of Jackass DS of all things, Ring of Fates will include hundreds of different items and costume combinations to make your character unique. Does everybody think that all DS players want is a high-tech Barbie dress-up game or something?

Bad news for cheeky importers, though. The UK version contains additional content over the Japanese version, with four new quests available. It's worth buying twice over anyway, though. Just check out the glowing review from NGamer and these screenshots to prove it.