Vegas 2: finally some in-game footage

Gameplay, reward system and character customisation under the microscope in dev diary

Goatee-sporting game designer Philippe Therien is filling us in on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2's reward system and character customisation in a video developer dairy - which you can watch in our video player.

It includes the first real in-game footage from the game, something that's been missing from previous Vegas 2 movies (previous movies can be seen here, here and here).

Therien additionally speaks generally about Ubisoft's sequel, including the story which will take you into the outskirts of Vegas this time around.

"We're expanding character evolution to a whole new level by including it in single-player", he says of character customisation. You "can customise the character in any way you want with the available gear and weapons", Therien adds.

Naturally, this is backed up with footage showing the character customisation in action.

..."we created a whole new reward system with one thing in mind - every action, every objective and every victory will earn you a reward", he continues in the diary.

He goes on to explain that there are three types of reward in the game, experience, ranks and A.C.E.S. To find out more about these and to see Vegas 2 in action, watch the video.