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In BioShock, genetic modification is massively simplified, reduced to a simple injection providing you with superhuman abilities. RoboCop makes a man drive into a vat of toxic waste, transforming him into a mutant. He keeps moaning, "kill me", and disgusts his cohorts with his ghastly appearance.

See? BioShock and RoboCop both radically simplify the extremely complicated topic of genetics to the point of near absurdity and absurdity respectively.

In BioShock, Fontaine and Ryan were constantly vying for power. After Fontaine commercialised Adam, Ryan's position as leader became threatened, and he tried to have Fontaine murdered. In RoboCop, OCP Senior President Dick Jones was threatened by Bob Morton, the man behind the RoboCop project. After Morton went over Jones's head to greenlight the project, Jones felt threatened and successfully had Morton murdered.

See? BioShock and RoboCop both feature two men struggling for power, with one of them eventually being killed by the main character.

In BioShock, light-hearted period advertising provides a stark contrast between the desolation of Rapture and the society it used to be. RoboCop often comes across a made-up television show whose host gleefully remarks, "I'd buy that for a dollar!" Again, this provides contrast between the poverty in Detroit, and the blinding irrelevence and all-encompassing transfixation of the populace by the media.

See? BioShock and RoboCop both use advertising to make a point about their respective social climates. BioShock was even a bit racist with theirs.

BioShock, as a word, is made up of three syllables. It is an amalgamation of the prefix 'bio' and the word 'shock', with the second word's first letter being capitalised. RoboCop is a robot policeman, but as a word, he's made up of three syllables. He is an amalgamation of the prefix 'robo' and the word 'cop', with the second word's first letter being capitalised.

See? This is the most damning similarity of all.

So there we are: the two things are essentially identical. Ken Levine, I am accusing you of plagiarising the best sci-fi movie ever created, what say you? WHAT SAY YOU??

Please indict the man further by posting any similarities I have overlooked in the comments thread below.

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